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January - A Two Faced Month (updated on Tuesday 2nd January 2018)

January was named after the two-faced Roman God, Janus.

December was once again a very mixed bag weather with some cold frosty days (see picture below, top left), a couple of wet ones and a very wet and windy end to the year. Mistle thrushes (see picture below, top right) have already started to sing and Song thrushes will soon be joining in response to the lengthening hours of daylight. The moorland is largely devoid of small birds now apart from a few wrens, dunnocks, meadow pipits, the occasional stonechat and the over-wintering flock of golden plover (see picture below bottom left) and occasional wintering hen harrier or merlin. Ravens, however, are already staking out their territories and are already actively calling and displaying (see picture below , bottom right)– these are early traditionally nesters but they also like to keep their territory clear of any rivals.

Future Events – Winter Bird Walks

There will be a birdwatching walk on Sunday January 14th. The walk will start at 09.30 hours from the Lower Car Park on Trendlebere Down (Bovey Tracey end). Charge is £5.00 per adult

This is a short stroll of just over 1½ miles and lasts for 3 hours. The objective will be to find as many different birds as possible!

Telephone (0785 8421 148) or e-mail me at enquiries@dartmoornaturetours.co.uk if you need more information about these events.