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October 2017 (updated on 17th October)

October was the eighth month of the Roman Year - but the Slavs called it the Yellow month because of the fading colours of the leaves.

After some fine warm weather, the remnants of Hurricane Ophelia made its mark locally although the effects were minimal compared with further west. The last swallows were seen flying over on Friday 13th October battling against the southerly winds whilst the first redwings and fieldfares (see picture below, top right) have started arriving here from their breeding grounds in Northern Europe.

Fungi - The Third Force!

Fungi are neither plants (they don’t have chlorophyll) or animals and are now recognised as a kingdom. The problem for the amateur enthusiast is that there are so many of them - several thousand in the UK alone. They depend on a complex combination of warmth and moisture whilst soil and vegetation influence what species are likely to be found in any given locality.

Sunday October 15th, Devon Wildlife Trust Fungi Foray on Trendlebere Down

The foray for the DWT local group was fully booked and despite the dry weather a good range of species were found. The area covered consists of mainly birch trees on damp peaty soil with some areas of heather, western gorse and sphagnum moss. Yellow Swamp Brittlegill (Russula claroflava) was the most numerous species and is typically found growing in this type of habitat. (See picture below, bottom left). There were also plenty of False Death Caps (Amanita citrina) plus Blushers (A.rubescens), Fly Agaric (A. muscaria) and Grey Spotted Amanita (A. excelsa) as well as nice examples of Amethyst Deceiver, Chanterelles and even a couple of Jelly Babies (Leotia lubrica) (see picture below, bottom right) plus many more.

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Start from Trendlebere Down, Lower Car Park (Bovey Tracey end) at 10.00 on Sunday 5th November.

Approx. 2.5 hours duration cost is £5.00 per adult (under 16s are free of charge)

Further walks can also be arranged on request – please ring Phil Page on Tel: 0785 8421 148 or e-mail to: enquiries@dartmoornaturetours.co.uk if you need more information.

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