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April (updated on Friday April 13th, 2018)

The Romans called this month Aprilis. It may come from a word meaning to open, or it may come from Aphrodite, the Greek name for the goddess of love.

The very cold March means that plant growth is nearly one month behind but after a wet and cold start April has suddenly improved with several days of dry weather (see picture below, top left). Primroses are finally coming into a flower and they are certainly later than normal (see picture below, top right).

Now that the weather is more settled the birds are suddenly arriving from their wintering grounds in Africa. Wheatears are one of the first birds to arrive on the moorland and they set up territory in and around the granite tors and wherever there are dry stone walls and areas of short grass for them to pick off the insects on which they feed (see picture below top right).

In the Dartmoor woodlands we have had the first arrival of male Pied Flycatchers. As with many migrant bird, it is the males who arrive first to establish territories which they will use to attract a mate and also drive off competitors. The females will arrive at least a week later and along with the male bird will try to find a suitable tree hole or nest box in which to lay their eggs.

Future Events - Spring Birds Walk

The next birdwatching walk will be on Sunday April 22nd. The walk will start at 09.30 hours from the Trendlebere Down Lower Car Park when we should see pied flycatchers, redstarts and possibly wood warbler. Charge is £5.00 per adult

This is a walk of 2 miles and lasts for 3 hours. The objective will be to find as many different birds as possible!

You can find details of other walks in the Events section of this web site.

Langaford Farm Bird Walk Sunday 29th April at 09.30

This is a free walk (but donations welcome) for the Langaford Farm Trust in an interesting area where there is not normally open public access, but you do need to book in advance.

Please contact me if you are interested by e-mail or telephone (details as shown below).

Telephone (0785 8421 148) or e-mail me at enquiries@dartmoornaturetours.co.uk if you need more information about any events. You can also Follow me on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/Dartmoornaturetours